• SEND UNICORN GLITTER REVENGE ! Someone did you wrong? Set them straight! Violet, our unicorn has something for them on your behalf! Each unassuming anonymously sent envelope contains Unicorn Glitter and comes with a letter which strongly suggests to the recipient who earned it to make an effort at being a better person. Unicorn Glitter is extremely fine, they will be finding it for a while! * Remember - do not harass people. That's bad Karma and Violet is not about that!
  • Don't worry, we won't leave out the good guys. Everyone can use a special surprise! Especially when it's lucky, glittery and comes from our unicorn! Each Lucky Unicorn Fart is sent anonymously with an attached encouraging letter. Unlike our Unicorn Bombs, Unicorn Fart Glitter is easier to clean and a fun surprise to send and receive!

Violet the Unicorn has something special for you!


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